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On tax agent registration fees

05 Nov 1010 On tax agent registration fees

MEMBER 336 writes:

"I've just received the latest insult in the mail from our much esteemed tax authorities wanting a total of $1,000 in registration fees for a piece of paper that reconfirms that my business partner & myself in our small practitioner practice are tax agents (well gee whiz). I rang the 1300 362 829 hotline to enquire why the fees are so much higher than last time and what did the humble tax agent get for such fees -  the resounding answer - '[         ]'. Yep - you guessed it - a resounding and bemused silence followed by 'you get re-registered'.

Well - at least Ned Kelly had the common decency to wear a mask before he stole off the common folk - no such courtesy appears to exist in this instance. Incidentally a request to talk to the supervisor in charge was met with - 'I'm sorry, he's not in yet', with this call starting at 9.15am - makes you wonder just what exactly your fees do pay for - staff availability sure ain't one of them.

Lastly does the tax agent community know that there is no facility with the Tax Practitioners Board to lodge a complaint by a tax agent - there sure as hell exists a facility with them for complaints against tax agents - how self-serving and insular can you get??? For me, it's just another level of bulging bureaucracy for the tax agent to pay for the luxury of having without any recourse available to the persons who help fund it.

Yours In Perpetual Frustration with the ATO and its Associates."