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On tax agents' personal returns

MEMBER 332 writes:

"I am wondering if anyone else has this issue as I believe it relates to me as a Tax Agent. I lodge my and my wife's returns at the same time by ELS. For at least the last 5 years my return is assessed at least 1 month later than my wife's and when I query the ATO they tell me my return has been selected for further review and basically I will just have to wait. On the Portal I can see they have pushed the assessment through but have dated the refund cheque to be issued on the last day remaining in the "escalation" period some 12 days after assessment is complete. Are they doing this to spite me? Are they like the Banks playing the overnight money market with our funds to squeeze a bit more value out of John Citizen? Or are they (as they generally appear) just mean spirited?

My personal return usually contains 2 items as does my wife's, Interest and Trust Distribution which I would venture to suggest hardly requires further review. I am also trying not to take offence that they think I am so incompetent as to require review of every single tax return I prepare for myself. Oh, and I just love the Commissioner's latest letter today, give your stats to the politicians because I have no time for them. I know he is a wonderful lawyer but sometimes an admission of guilt can wash away some bad blood..."