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12 Aug 1111 On TAXVINE

MEMBER 147 writes:

"What a great read TAXVINE was [last] week. I saw the reference to the submissions on the Treasury website so went and read a couple.

How funny was it to read the submissions in relation to CGT for super funds. A real classic. Just don't know if the arguments put up will be good enough to persuade the government though.

But with just 4 submissions it just goes to show what influence any person can have if they take the time and make an effort to contribute.

A suggestion for TAXVINE is that you need to be careful not to give us too much cluttered detail so that members just skip over and don't read these links etc. I suspect most members would not have thought to click the links and have a read and it was by chance that I decided to click the link to these submissions.

Anyway, [last] week's tediously detailed TAXVINE [We hope this is a compliment - Ed] has got me interested and waiting to read what it is you are able to find and let us know about next week already. I will be holding my breath in anticipation."

TAXVINE COMMENT: Thank you for your feedback, Member 147. We try to give just enough information in an item so that if you are interested in the subject, you can follow the link and find out more. Not all members will be interested in the same item and, if not, will hopefully pass over the item without being unduly distracted or inconvenienced. Getting the balance right is always a judgment call.

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