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MEMBER 179 writes:


"I recently took umbrage with a debt collection agency insisting that I must quote the client tax file number.


I took umbrage not only at being called 'mate', even after giving my full name and providing the appropriate tax agent number, this of course is public domain information these days. But he insisted that he had to undergo the same identity checks as the ATO would take, I said that section 30-10 (6) of the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 did not allow me to do this without client authority, unless I had a legal duty to do so. He could not provide any information as to what authority existed to require this legal duty to be enacted.  I could not find anything on the ATO website. I cannot currently find anything on the new and revised ATO website, but I note that other members have already complained about that on this forum.


I contacted the Tax Practitioners Board to see if they could assist in providing any guidance, they were polite, helpful and could not at first instance provide any direct information as to my legal duty to quote the client's tax file number.


Has anyone else had anything either way on this issue?"