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MEMBER 118 also writes:

"This example highlights yet again that the ATO's $800M computer upgrade is still horribly deficient.

We received an income tax refund cheque the other day for $39K in the name of the Trustee of one of our client's trusts. This was the client's payment of the 2009/10 income tax for the non-resident beneficiary.

The exact same amount was and still is showing as owing on the 'Beneficiary Account' under the same TFN for the non-resident beneficiary.

One would expect that the ATO's system would check if there were any amounts owing on other accounts under the same TFN before releasing a cheque of this magnitude.

Coincidently, the same thing happened last year, except the amount was around $69K!

So the $800M computer upgrade hasn't helped one iota!!!"