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MEMBER 135 writes:

“Member 128 wrote last week that we got stuck with the 85% lodgment rule – see 2013 TAXVINE No 24 (28 June 2013) . I believe that 85% is reasonable and even generous. The first clients bring in their information on 15 July. Except for large clients, the due date for the majority is 15 May. That is ten months after 15 July or 83.3% of the year. I would think that a well administered tax system would require 100% of tax payers to lodge their tax returns by the time the new year started. In the dim past we had to have 50% of returns in by 31 Dec. Overseas countries have a much tighter due date. The answer to being overworked is to hire some more staff or get rid of some of the clients. Why not increase your fees until you get the correct number of clients?”