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30 Mar 1212 On the ATO and amended assessments

MEMBER 73 writes:

"Dear Commissioner,

It was mentioned at The Tax Institute's National Conference in Canberra that you read TAXVINE every Friday. We have today received an amended assessment for 2010 for a client and this amendment has been initiated by the ATO. We have received two pages of assessment and two pages of income tax statement of account. The net result is a credit of...wait for it, 15 CENTS!!!.

Perhaps you might like to advise the current government that you could save many, many trees, an enormous amount of postage and eliminate the whole of the Department of Environment by simply using common sense.

By the way, you would also reduce the ever increasing cynicism of all tax agents who have to put up with this on a weekly basis.

Please don't issue a refund cheque for the 15 cents as it will cost me a lot more to send this cheque to my client who lives in a rural area where a trip to the bank is a 200 kilometre round trip."

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