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25 Mar 1111 On the ATO and its amazing procedures

MEMBER 45 writes:

"2 things have generated some angst (you could even call it humour - of the dark variety) from the ATO this week.

The first is their updated policy on proof of identity procedures when in contact with the ATO. If we call them, no longer can we quote our agent number at the initial point and quote the client TFN/ABN, but we must also be able to quote various references regarding the taxpayer. Unless you are in the habit of scanning all correspondence into your network, this will be painful, why has the ATO increased the demands on us? The other laughable change is if they ring us, one of the options is to ask for the officer's full name, I do not know of anyone ever getting this when they ask over the telephone, it is always a blank refusal.

Is this just another top down approach that all things are wonderful, without realising what is happening at the coal face?

The second one is that we used to get the option to have an automatic call back when calling a number with a large queue. This was very useful, rather than having the phone tied up for anywhere up to 50 minutes. This makes much more sense when you are returning a call from a section where they do not have you call back a specific officer, but just a section's 1300 number. Please bring it back"

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