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03 Jun 1111 On the ATO changing the rules again

MEMBER 86 writes:

“It has come to our attention here, when phoning to get client income tax information from the ATO, that they have beefed up POI procedures again.

As tax agents we need to have the Notice of Assessment on hand for the sequence number, or a statement of account, to quote to the ATO, from the last five years.

Further, we have been told on these calls that a letter has been sent out. None of the registered tax agents of our firm have received a letter covering this issue as of Tuesday 31 May.

Furthermore, a change of this nature poses problems as we had historically always directed the Notices direct to clients for a section of our business. Now it looks like we will have to receive, scan and forward even more Notices of Assessment, and only a month to get everything in place to do this. And at a further cost to us.

Apparently this protocol has only been in place at the ATO for a few days.

So is there not enough security in the current system of POI, which seems rigorous enough anyway, or are the ATO just trying to make it ‘too hard’ to bother them?”


“Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We will raise it at an appropriate ATO forum and report back on the outcome in a later edition of TaxVine”.