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MEMBER 9 writes:

"Geez thanks ATO, once again you overreach your powers. I was approached by a new client to bring her tax affairs up to date. To be fair to the ATO, they do not know that for the past three years this lady nursed her sick mother up until her mother’s recent death.

We added the lady to our Tax Agent listing, and within a week we receive a threatening letter to Lodge Immediately to Avoid Penalties and Audit. The years outstanding are June 2011, June 2012 and June 2013. 'You face penalties of up to $4,250 for each overdue return. If prosecuted and convicted you could be fined up to $8,500 or imprisoned', the letter screams.

So, ATO, let me get this straight – for the past three years while the lady was NOT on a Tax Agent’s list, you did nothing. The very moment she is added to our list you start with the threatening letters that has upset and really rattled her following the death of her mother.

Well played ATO, well played."