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MEMBER 35 writes: 

"As we have said so many times, over and over, ever since simple GST hit the decks: 'Why not teach/educate the taxpayer to be a brain surgeon overnight and they can then operate on themselves with a very sharp scalpel under a general anaesthetic, no doubt they will cut their own throat in the process and bleed to death.'

What the ATO does not get, and we see it every day, is that providing all this so-called wonderful general information just turns the genius taxpayer into a know-all causing us enormous grief when we have to explain to them the quite detailed and convoluted taxation legislation behind each so called simple process!!

Please can everyone responsible take a deep breath and please wake up and allow the brain surgeon to do his job and not allow the taxpayer to try and explain to the specialist professional how to do their job while the taxpayer is on the operating table!!!

Unbelievable, please get out of your Ivory Towers and come down to Middle earth and reality and see the damage done out here in tax land and you will understand how all of this wonderful feel good, gee-whiz, technologically generated information on an iPhone, iPad and associated apps is killing us, when taxpayers think they have become instantaneous gurus by pressing a few buttons and reading generalist commentary!!!

If you want war stories come and talk to us real practitioners and listen to us and not all the geniuses behind closed doors."