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MEMBER 103 writes:

“We recently were approached by an existing client to attend to the taxation affairs of her recently deceased father. She handed us a letter from the ATO requesting returns from 2001 to 2010. The fact that he was a pensioner and was not required to lodge a return for the past 10 years seemed to be lost on the ATO.

We completed a Client Update (CU) form and something happened that has never happened before in our firm – the CU was rejected!! What the ? When the ATO was called, the officer would not tell my staff member why the form was rejected but did say ‘We will need to see a letter from the Executor authorising you to be added as the Tax Agent for the Estate’. The ‘make it up as you go ATO’ is at it again. Since when do we need a letter? Show me where in the countless ATO elinks, Tax Agents Newsletters, TaxVine commentary, Minutes of the ATO Committee Meeting does it say this ? The CU is the client authority to add us as a tax agent!

Could somebody please explain why this has changed? I echo the comments of many frustrated accountants and tax agents who comment via the TaxVine – Work with us, not against us.”