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17 Sep 1010 On the ATO's lodgment alert letters

MEMBER 286 writes:

"I would like to thank the ATO for the 'Lodgment alert for your clients' overdue documents' dated 7 September 2010 which shows outstanding Activity Statements to 31/12/2009.

Now let's see. I thought that Activity Statements for March 2010 & June 2010 should have been lodged by now. Obviously I was wrong. I guess this means that if I lodge March & June activity statements today they are not late. I guess I can tell my clients that there is no need to lodge these as yet because the ATO does not deem these activity statements as important.

Good to see (once again) that the ATO's new maybe hundreds of millions of $ system according to one of our members is up to date again.

As a former current affairs host used to say: Shame, Shame, Shame.

I wonder if the ATO really do know what is going on? Obviously not. When are the boffins at the ATO going to go back to the old format of Income Tax Assessments? Oops, sorry they were to easy to understand. Once more I say: Shame, Shame, Shame."

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