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MEMBER 243 writes:

"The ATO has recently announced that it will soon cease sending paper Activity Statements to accountants who lodge those forms electronically. The ATO claims that it consulted with a suitable of accountants regarding this change, but I've not been able to find any accountant who was consulted. Perhaps ATO is dreaming.


I wonder how the following important information for each activity statement will become known :

  • - Document ID number/s
  • -  PAYG percentages for instalment incomes
  • -  Relevant dates for GST, PAYGW, etc

and whether clients will pay their taxes without personalised Payment Slips.


To solve these issues it appears the ATO expects accountants to:

  • - Lodge a separate Client Update (CU form) for each client, so that the ELS software can then receive electronic data from ATO.
  • - Use the pothole to slowly download individual Payment Slips and hand these out to clients.


Unfortunately, this will impose further unnecessary burden upon all accountants to do extra work for the ATO. Not happy. In anticipation of these changes, we've already commenced instructing clients to call ATO payments hotline on 1800 815 886 and request Payment Slip be posted to them.

Can the ATO devise a suitable mechanism for 'bulk' notifications rather than individual CU forms? Same as were recently negotiated for bulk deletion of clients from client lists, rather than lodgement of numerous individual CU forms. Also, I suggest that the ATO sends Payment Slips directly to accountants or clients, otherwise the ATO reduces the chances of clients paying any money. ('My tax was paid late because ATO didn't send any Payment Slip to me or to my accountant.')"


MEMBER 244 writes:

"Did anyone particularly notice the fact the ATO is going to stop issuing paper AS for those previously lodged electronically. The forms will be sent to an email address. I have not seen when this is to happen or what support we are going to have to handle it, perhaps some info on this might help.

I am sure there is going to be lots of out of date/incorrect email addresses. More time to spend helping the ATO to save their costs at our expense.

Of course, the real issue is why the AS have to be unique, what real compliance purpose does it serve having a DIN number? I have never seen a valid reason for it. Remember Group Certificates a very long time ago were all numbered and those not used had to be returned to the ATO to stop false GC, but this was given away, and never actually helped compliance. If a person is to falsify an AS does the ATO really think a DIN is going to help to stop it???"