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On the Commissioner's message

MEMBER 330 writes:

"You would have received the Commissioner's thankyou message. What a trite load of garbage!!! The Commissioner's operatives have now taken to calling us to say that all of those returns that we have queried - well the operatives are saying 'We know there is a problem as we have so many problems but don't call us because we cannot give you an answer'.

On top of this the 2010 pre filling reports are either unavailable or are incomplete. Dear Mr Commissioner - stop wasting our collective time by doing U turns in your rulings and get some of these staff who dream up these U turns to actually work at the coal face to get the work done.

We want action - Not platitudes."

MEMBER 331 writes:

"This week we have received a letter from the Commissioner that he thinks we might care to pass onto clients. I would be interested to know what he thinks would be achieved? It just goes on with self congratulatory rubbish that I know my clients wouldn't be interested in. Why do they think a simple apology for their disgraceful performance would be of any help?

For example, I lodged one client's 2010 individual tax return on 16 July 2010 and the Portal now indicates that the $5,700 odd refund will be issued on 4 November 2010, that's 112 days to process the return. He is to receive $56 interest and the ATO thinks that makes everything OK! There has been no request for any additional information and no indications of reasons for the delay. The processing date shown on the Portal for the interest is 18 October 2010, then why hold the refund until 4 November 2010? Owe the ATO $5,700 for 112 days and you will pay a lot more than $56 interest!
The ATO simply has no idea what goes on out in the real world and it appears it just doesn't care."