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MEMBER 200 writes:

"Too much of the Taxation Institute's effort goes into what can only be described as Quality Assurance of legislation and rulings etc. That is not the primary function of the Taxation Institute and it should not be the function that devours so much of the resources that our subscriptions provide. It is also the principal service the Taxation Institute provides on a no charge basis. Consultation cannot be equated with QA. We are being duped by the Government and have been for too long on this issue.

If the Government wants the professional bodies (and by that its volunteer members) to do its QA work then it is incumbent on the Government to fund that work or at least a significant part of it. The Government ought to pay a stipend at least to the Taxation Institute in recognition of the costs it (and its volunteer members) incur in doing that work. At the very least it ought pay the out of pockets of the volunteers.

It is appropriate to raise this issue in an election year, it is appropriate to contrast what we pay for and what medicos get paid to do. Medicos get funding for CPD, for computers and for broadband. We pay for the Government QA. It is a fundamentally flawed position."

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