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In 2014 TAXVINE No 32 (4 September 2014), Member 123 wrote about the lodgment performance of big super administration companies and asked whether "the ATO [can] assure us that the big firms get no better extensions than smaller firms and that the big players get the same treatment (and counselling) as the smaller players for poor lodgment performance?" 


"The ATO’s lodgment program requires agents to lodge electronically and have 85% or more of their clients’ current year returns on time to access concessional due dates. This is a percentage of clients, regardless of the size of the firm and as a proportion rather than absolute number as it applies equally across firm sizes. For firms that bring in many clients with multiple years outstanding, we take into account how that arose, such as it being a new client, and no adverse treatments would be applied.  We do not differentiate between clients or industry sectors so cannot give any numbers about on time lodgment performance split the way requested. However, note as said above, we measure lodgment performance of firms on a proportionate basis."