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MEMBER 17 writes:

"The long awaited backlog of assessments has started to come in. Change is continual, but -

  • Why was the ATO "our reference" increased to 13 digits? Our computer system, MYOB Classic Tax record of assessment data, cannot take 13 digits.
  • Why 4 pages per assessment ? - 75% of the pages are blank.
  • Why does the Assessment notice not clearly state on page 1, in bold: "This amount is due & payable by 00/00/00"?
  • Why is there no explanation as to how the interest credit was calculated? On what, at what %, and for what period? The ATO has this information on the RBA page of the Portal. By clicking the GIC amount an explanation of the calculation is given.
On reflection, the average man in the street would find the changes confusing & difficult to comprehend, which is a pity. The form designers should have put themselves into the mind of Joe Average & considered the end result from his perspective, not theirs."

MEMBER 18 writes:

"I have received the first issue of the new tax assessment notices and my concern is the old saying "If it ain't broke why fix it". We now have a notice which has gone from a single page to a minimum of 2 pages and often 4 pages, which results in more paper being used in copying the notice. And while I am having a rant what about page 3 of the Notice of Assessment which does not show the taxpayer's name or TFN. I wonder what happens if the page gets mixed in with another client's assessment notice. I suppose it means we have to be careful when copying a 4 page assessment notice. Now I am not a greenie but what a waste of paper and  resources this new system has produced. I wonder who the genius was who designed this new assessment notice. As the advertisement used to say: 'Not happy, Jan'."

MEMBER 19 writes:

"I wonder if we will ever find out the names of the geniuses who served on the committee responsible for re-designing the new assessment notice.

The ability to extend it from 1 to 8 pages is certainly a major achievement. Think of all the additional resources now being used by the ATO and tax agents to issue them, copy them for clients, copy them for lending institutions. Think of all the additional storage capacity required for scanned copies and emailed copies.

Just brilliant.

How can one get their name down for the new committee soon to be formed to design a new assessment notice that will streamline processing?"

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