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MEMBER 118 writes:

"The new processing system, after its teething problems, was doing some things better but these now is seeming to be hit and miss:

  • We have had 3 cases in last couple of months of companies not getting a Statement of Account after lodging when having a bill. This was a really simple thing to do and helpful, but now it does not always happen. And you guessed it, the client gets a Payment Demand before a statement.
  • Multiple years were to issue at one time and did for a while, but both ELS and manual multiples end up coming out at different times again.
  • Old Credit Balances on IT accounts do not always issue with the NofA, and of course the Request to Refund message sometimes works but sometimes I have to do it a few times to get the refund actually issuing.
  • Client Dealings listed on the Portal are a real hit and miss. Some clients have the listing in and out, and others with similar matters have none. The 12 week delayed cases are good examples, some have nothing at all listed.

So how in the world can the ATO executive think they have a processing system of integrity when some functions are random?"

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