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MEMBER 46 writes:

"Apparently the gripe vine is not working at all well. Forum after forum have been held among Tax Institute members reaffirming the wisdom of the old ways in their efficiency and practicality, but all has fallen on the deaf ears of those in the glasshouse who have taken a prismatic view of the world around them and come up with the master stroke of inventing a square wheel. Cheekily they have decided to call this the "new Tax Regime". As members of our proud profession we don’t want to throw stones as a rule, but in this case, a few boulders might do the trick! What sorry...WERE they thinking? I think not. The whole shemozzle appears to have been concocted by some unfortunate soul who's going quietly mad. The ATO should release the poor team from its misery and put them all on the garden roster to smell the roses for a while until some sense of the norm begins to emanate from their craniums. It’s clear that the ATO should immediately abandon the "New Tax Regime" in favour of the much improved "Old Tax Regime". I'm sure we'd all agree on that. All in favour say Aye!"

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