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MEMBER 113 writes:

"What a total waste of time and money.

With a client’s assessment this year we received a TAX RECEIPT. This colourful document was addressed to our client and advised him how the tax he paid for the year was used.

With all the mess that the ATO has with its systems working inadequately, what a total waste of time and money this report is. My client wanted to know if he could complain that $562 of his tax went on defence. He doesn’t agree with that! (tongue in cheek I assume).

But seriously whose brainy idea was this? I wish the ATO would spend more effort on fixing the problems it creates daily for tax agents."

TAXVINE COMMENT: Member 112, it was, in fact, the Government's idea, not the ATO's - see the media release of the Treasurer, Joe Hockey, dated 13 May 2014.