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MEMBER 174 writes:


"I’m sure that by now most Members would have experienced the pleasure of using the new version of the ATO’s website to download information and documents such as instructions to the International Dealings Schedule.


Having tested the new version one is confronted with having to pick through numerous sections of a particular document in order to retrieve the necessary information. This only allows a small section to be opened for reading at any stage of the search which sometimes is limited to 1 paragraph of text.  If printing the full document is required, the task involves numerous print jobs to print all the relevant sections. Trying to scroll through a document is a nightmarish exercise.


Members will remember the ease with which a document could be accessed in the past to either read all or part of the document and to print accordingly.


The genius within the ATO who invented the new software (who obviously has a simplistic view of what is involved in researching a tax issue) should find a new career."



MEMBER 175, who wrote last week as Member 167 - notes that once again the Trust tax return instructions 2013 page on the ATO website has been "modified" (this time on 6 August 2013) and comments again:


"If the ATO is going to continually keep modifying this page it needs to tell people what those changes are!!"



TAXVINE COMMENT: Member 175, we hope someone in the ATO is listening to you because we, too, find the lack of information about how a document has been updated extremely frustrating in our task of keeping Members informed about relevant tax changes.