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MEMBER 126 writes:

"Ah ...wonderful - ATO screws up for 10 weeks or so (Christmas 2009 to end Feb 2010) and 'graciously' grants a one week extension. I guess whoever determines such 'stuff' is convinced that the ATO has done a great job with new system/change management (just as the ATO fearless leader recently stated in the Senate) and that tax agents should exhibit gratitude.

Ah ...(in the [distorted] words of Yoda (Star Wars character) 'hmmm ... yes, grateful are tax agents'...Ha, ha, ha, what a (BAD) joke! Also there is a [Supertramp] album titled 'Crisis? What Crisis?'... [more Yoda] 'relevant here, methinks'."

MEMBER 127 writes:

"The ATO has been stuffing agents around for at least 12 weeks in the implementation of the new you beaut system. Now they generously give us an extension of 16 days to clear the backlog, and then for only part of our client base. The ATO want all tax paid before 30 June so they can meet their collection targets and their political masters (Rudd and Swanning around) will be happy as the deficit won't suffer as a result of the ATO's stuff ups and consequential slow collections. Everything will be OK in La La Land. Problem solved – just pressure the agents. I urge the Taxation Institute and other bodies to take this issue to the political masters, as we are being treated with such disrespect that it is not funny. We need blanket lodgment extensions for all clients till at least 30 June, with no requirements for taxes to be paid on lodgment."

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