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MEMBER 191 writes:

"It's 11.30am on Wednesday, I have just been told by the ATO that the reason I keep getting bumped out of the portal ( error A511.12) is that there are too many tax agents trying to get their work done and I should come back later.

This has to be a joke. Didn't the Commissioner tell the media that $800 million spent on the new computer had fixed all the problems?

How come the horde of people using e-Tax never seem to have a problem but a few thousand tax agents doing unpaid work for the ATO most of the time are starved of resources.

Instead of telling me I am appreciated Commissioner SHOW ME SOME RESPECT."

MEMBER 192 writes:

"I would like to comment yet again on the 'LIVE' Tax Agent Portal. When you log in you get this Commissioner's message - 'We value the role you play as a registered tax agent within the tax system and are committed to providing products and services that help make your job easier.'

To the Commissioner I would like to reply. To make my job easier it would be great to access the Portal without continually getting booted off. The past few days I have been able to access the Portal, download information but often only after logging back in after getting booted out up to a dozen times a day.

When is the ATO going to get their system working properly? When the Portal is working, it is great. If the Portal was a race horse I am afraid I would have had it put it down a long time ago.

As I have told many of my clients & friends before the wonderful $ 800 million + information transfer - the Portal in my opinion was working fine. It is good to see taxpayers' money being used to break that which seemed to be fixed in the first place."

TAXVINE COMMENT: Please see Tax Counsel Tamera Lang's comments in the Senior Tax Counsel's report under the heading "Tax Agent Portal maintenance scheduled for this weekend".

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