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03 Aug 1212 On the Tax Practitioners Board renewal requirements

MEMBER 165 writes:

"Herewith a request from the new Tax Practitioners Board concerning a renewal of registration.

'Independent letters of competency must be from 2 non-tax agent clients that you have provided tax agent services to over the last 10 years. The statements must:

Be on letterhead.

Confirm the period over the last 10 years that you have provided tax agent services to the agent's clients or your clients.

Advise the Board of the types of tax agent services you provided.

Confirm that the tax agent services you provided were at a competent standard.'

How do I explain that I don't provide tax agent services to non-clients & how do I get clients to put the above requirements on their letterhead?

How many 'types' of tax agent services are there?

Is there a grading of 'competent standard'?"

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