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22 Feb 1313 On the TPB and the 85% quota

MEMBER 26 writes:

"I don't know if any of you have had the same problem but my Tax Agent Registration Renewal came through recently. As instructed in the letter, I paid the amount (which has more than doubled) and then proceeded to attempt to complete the renewal online as there is no paper option.

I completed all the fields and went to submit but the form simply will not submit. I have re-done this at least 10 times but the form just stays in saved forms to be completed. I sent an email to asking for assistance. No response. I sent another email 4 days later and still no response. Will it be my fault that my application wasn't submitted on time? No doubt. It seems to be a signature of the systems in all our Government departments that if the automated systems don't adequately perform their function then no one will help and you are on your own. Shame on you TPB.

Also, the 85% lodgment bullying currently going around means very little to me. There will always be clients who have had serious illness, marriage breakdowns, etc which I find usually are the ones behind in their affairs. To dictate these percentages to us and have the nerve to say that if we don't meet them then our practice is not being run effectively or efficiently is incredibly insulting coming from a (dis?)organisation that cannot process a simple tax agent renewal or transfer an amount to the correct account in under a month.

I recall some years ago the Government employed someone to work out how to squeeze more cash from the public without increasing tax rates. I see the result of this every day with a system that puts unrealistic parameters and deadlines in place, provides no assistance to the person trying to navigate it and then bludgeons them with an ever increasing array and magnitude of penalties. I was discussing this with an elderly client the other day. Fines used to be for people who deliberately thumb their nose at the system. Now people are punished harshly for merely trying to comply with an incomprehensible system (which provides no support) and inadvertent errors and to top it off be regarded as criminals. Well done that person for working out how to punish and profit from people being human!

As always TAXVINE, thanks for listening, no one else does!"

THE TAX INSTITUTE'S TAX COUNSEL, STEPHANIE CAREDES, COMMENTS: "In relation to the 85% on-time lodgment requirement in the Lodgment Program Framework, particular circumstances beyond a tax agent's control that may have prevented a tax agent from meeting their lodgment program will be taken into account. Please refer to the following link on the ATO website entitled "Need help with your lodgment program?" for further information. Members with queries or concerns about the Lodgment Program Framework should contact us at TaxPolicy."

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