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14 Sep 1212 On the transfer of funds between tax accounts

MEMBER 187 writes:

"Why is it so difficult for the ATO to transfer monies between accounts for the same taxpayer?

In my case a taxpayer had a tax payment arrangement which affected three different accounts, FBT, Super and Integrated. As is the case a taxpayer needs to keep current tax obligations up to date in order to not have an arrangement default. The taxpayer paid the June BAS into the wrong account, the FBT account instead of the Integrated Account. Fearing a default I asked to have the funds transferred to the correct account. Response was this could take up to 28 days to do. You have got to be joking!! So to avoid a default the taxpayer had to enter into a new arrangement allowing for the transfer (28 days later) into the account. What a waste of time when the money is not even leaving the ATO coffers.

On internet banking I can transfer between accounts in the blink of an eye. It is ridiculous that the ATO does not provide a service to allow for a transfer between accounts instantly.

PS For the new arrangement they initially asked for 50% up front. Thank goodness the ATO officer managed to get that requirement waived."

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