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MEMBER 96 writes:

"[Unfortunately], some of us have to work on weekends, mainly to catch up on the backlog of work often caused in part and indirectly by having to attend to a myriad of matters arising from ATO maladministration, blatant errors, and an apparent severe and ongoing bout of anal retention. I won’t even begin to discuss increasing and incessant client demand, cumbersome software rewrites, and general run of the mill 'small business' issues that affect even the most diligent and efficient tax practices.

There is nothing more frustrating than to find the Portal ‘down for maintenance’ at an unscheduled time (according to the Pothole planned maintenance schedule). I accept that there are times that systems go down without forewarning, but this is now happening with regular monotony. This morning’s downtime is not listed on alerts, and the link to ‘system issues and maintenance’ is broken. 

As a profession, we are required to work to benchmarks which are becoming increasingly difficult to meet, and yet the system within which we work is unreliable and does not lend itself satisfactorily to enabling efficient work practices.

ATO – if you want the best from we agents, you need to give your best..."