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MEMBER 344 writes:

"Today 15 November 2010, I walked into my office at 08:19 and just missed a call from the ATO (purportedly) as the answering machine took the call and I heard the beeps as it finished. There was a message to call the ATO on a 1300 number on Perth time? I am in Queensland. The caller requested that I provide the ABN or TFN for a partnership for which I had ceased to act and had deleted from my tax agent number with the ATO and deleted from my client base over 5 years ago. Initially, I assumed it was a hoax call, however if it was the ATO it is unbelievable that they are asking for a TFN and ABN when they have the details and also, as this office no longer acts for the clients, why are they contacting us anyway? I assume it is a hoax and not the ATO; if it was the ATO, then I apologise to the ATO for not calling back and please contact this office and I will provide information to a written or email request when the officer discloses their name.

On another note, I am being harassed by the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) threatening dire consequences for not providing information. On initial contact we advised that we ceased to act for the client 8 years ago, this was done by letter to the first request and telephone on subsequent request. They promised to note their records and we would not hear from them again. Yet, a fax arrives (Saturday morning) using threats of the Census and Statistics Act 1905. Apart from many other useless calls that need to be dealt with for current clients, are other Members being contacted in this way and how are you dealing with these requests that chew up our limited resources to do the Public Service's work?"

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