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MEMBER 90 writes:

"Why is the ATO and/or Centrelink so tardy with uploading the pension and allowance data for the pre-filling reports this year?

Employers are required to give employees their PAYG Certificates by 14 July, but as of today (15 July) this information is still not available. 

Since paper certificates are no longer being posted by Centrelink automatically, I have to tell clients they need to request the information from Centrelink themselves before I can complete and lodge their tax returns. 

I understand taxpayers who self-prepare using the new myTax are also finding the needed information is not being prefilled on their returns.

This is just another stuff up and I genuinely can not see how it can ever be made a reliable system. If it's not one error from someone, it's another."

TAX COUNSEL THILINI WICKRAMASURIYA COMMENTS: The ATO is currently preparing a document which outlines timelines for the receipt of pre-fill information. We have received a confidential draft of that document for comment which we cannot circulate at this stage. It indicates that most government welfare payment information had been provided to the ATO as at 9 July 2014 and will be available shortly.