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MEMBER 133 writes:

"On 20 August 2014 the ATO issued the following email:

'Use online services first

From September our call centres will advise you to use the relevant online service for your query, where it is available.'

What a joke, I sent 2 emails over the Portal, the first on 16 July 2014 and the other on 17 July 2014. Both requesting remission of penalties. Neiter have been actioned by the ATO. Now I have to ring the ATO to get the answers. More wasted time.

I have another 6 emails lodged over the last 2 weeks, It will be interesting to see how quick those emails are dealt with by the ATO."


MEMBER 134 writes:

"Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the problem I have in that very few of my submitted messages have been addressed since 1 July 2014? The response rate seems to be about 25% at the moment and makes me laugh at the 85% requirement put on us Agents. Let’s not go there however as we all know there are 2 sets of rules. 

I have even scanned and re-submitted the messages sent after the 28 day period has expired with little result.

I actually like this function as I don’t have to spend my life on hold only to get a different answer each time. And at least this gives me something in writing."