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MEMBER 273 writes:

"I have a client who lodged his June quarter BAS late. According to the tax agent portal it was received on 20-11-13. The ATO duly sent a “failure to lodge on time” letter, dated 25-11-13. So far no issue, however I have subsequently received a letter from the ATO dated 3-12-13 asking why my client has not lodged his June quarter BAS. That is a fortnight after the ATO acknowledged the BAS had been lodged and 8 days after they sent a letter stating the form had been received. This is a total waste of money, time and resources for all concerned."


MEMBER 274 writes:

"I received a reminder to lodge an income tax return for the 2009 financial year for a trust that was established in October 2010. I cannot remedy via the Portal.

Not to mention the reminders for client activity statements, even though we are not the registered mailing address for Activity Statement purposes, and reminders for ex-clients who have previously been removed from our list.

I don’t have the time or the inclination to deal with this [expletive deleted]. If the ATO wants me to do its job, it should pay me. This is outsourcing at its worst; unconscionable cost-shifting, autocratic process, creating an unmanageable non-remunerable workload."