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One rule for them and one rule for us - "service" standards

MEMBER 348 writes:

"I received an email this morning as follows 'As per conversation with your receptionist this morning, please furnish us the following support for BAS information within 3 working days.'

When I call the ATO I typically get quoted the 28 day 'service standard', and if they miss this, they will prioritise it with another service standard applying. I have raised this many times with the officers involved and get ignored. As they are only the messenger following carefully considered systems, I would expect the complaint to be passed on, but I doubt it does, hence this email.

Wouldn't it be great if the officer tried a different style of email with a polite request for the information, suggesting that he is trying to help get a refund processed as fast as possible. The ATO seem to be lacking training on common business courtesy, perhaps it is not so common after all.

Is 28 days acceptable in this modern age? If so why are we expected to act so promptly?"