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MEMBER 127 writes:

" We have just received a letter from the ATO:

'Dear Sir/Madam,

We recently reviewed the super co-contribution payments we made to your members and found that we’ve overpaid $2. Please repay this amount to us by 27 September 2014.'

In fact, we have received 2 letters, one for $2, and one for $4. No suggestion of an apology and no explanation as to when the overpayment was made, to which year it related, what information was used nor as to why they think the new calculation is correct or why the old one was incorrect.

One can only assume that this is a rounding error between one program and an upgrade. Perhaps the ATO could provide details regarding the program calculation changes, check that the upgrade is calculating correctly and in accordance with legislation, and advise taxpayers? I presume that I am not the only one to receive such a ridiculous letter.

It would also be nice to know if the ATO has any legal grounds to demand or request such an overpayment be refunded."

MEMBER 128 writes:

"Just received a letter from the ATO to a super fund client asking that the super fund repay an overpayment of the co-contribution. The amount overpaid is $1, yes, one dollar."