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16 Aug 2019 PAYG cycle going backwards

MEMBER 207 writes: 


We have a number of clients that are PAYG registered. They aren’t on GST quarterly and have been on an annual cycle for a number of years, as they are within the annual threshold. 

So, the ATO decided to change them to a quarterly cycle. 

We wanted to change them back to an annual cycle, but:

  • tried to change via the automated phone setup (as done for years) – not working
  • tried to do in the Portal – no ability to do that
  • tried to do in the Online Services for agents – no ability to do that. 

We called the ATO who told us to use the link in the letter We did but the letter doesn’t tell you how to change the cycle. The ATO person also tried and agreed that the website information in the letter doesn’t assist. The ATO person told us to try the Portal – she tried and couldn’t find any way to do that. Really, we knew that already! 

We were told the only way to change the PAYGI cycle, is via the client’s myGov or a paper form! Really… paper? 

We were then also told we can’t change them on the phone anymore as people did the wrong thing.

30+ mins later the ATO person changed them for us. 

Can the ATO please explain why they need to make things so hard and why we can’t change the PAYGI cycle using the online system? 

Retirement to a desert island seems to be a better option by the day!


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