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MEMBER 129 writes:

"It is the 27/7/2011 and BAS returns are due tomorrow and once again the portal goes into meltdown. Does anybody in the ATO really believe they got value for their $800,000,000.

It's time the Deputy Commissioners got off their backsides and came out here to the real world. I have to reconcile clients' payrolls, prepare group certificates, arrange trustee distributions, make sure Superannuation payments have been made and I still have to lodge the June BAS within 28 days.

It's great to see the ATO is on the side of Tax Agents; we would be sunk without their help."

MEMBER 130 writes:

"Why is it that websites servicing *millions* of users such as facebook, google and youtube can be as steady as a rock but the tax agent portal grinds to a halt at between 12 and 4 every day when a few thousand tax agents and their staff need to be using it? I also don't seem to be able to retrieve my EFT Reconciliation Reports.

At the beginning of the season we had a completely unnecessary email that raised my ire from the Commissioner asking for our assistance in making the tax season go smoothly, how about doing a bit of that for us???

Please ATO, sort it out and make it possible for us to do our job properly, you know - the way you asked us to."

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