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The beginning of the Tax Reform White Paper process dawned on Monday this week with the release of the Government’s Tax Discussion Paper entitled  "Re:think"

The Tax Institute has called for a mature and meaningful debate on structural reform to Australia’s tax system for a long time now. We welcome the release of the discussion paper which means that this necessary debate can finally get started. 

The discussion paper captures the breadth of the scope of challenges in front of the Government regarding the existing structure of our tax system, in particular the fact that we have a mid-20th Century designed tax system that needs to be modernised to efficiently and effectively operate in the 21st Century. 

A mature, national conversation on tax reform sparked by the discussion paper requires trust, the support of the community and a bipartisan approach. More importantly, all aspects of the Australian tax system are on the table and up for discussion. 

We look forward to working closely with you, our expert members, and for your support in bringing sound insight to this conversation in formulating our response to the discussion paper, and throughout the future stages of the Tax Reform White Paper process. 

We invite members to get in touch with us at any time via Tax Policy with your ideas for reform. 

Kind regards

Stephanie Caredes CTA