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31 Aug 1212 Preamble – 31 August 2012

In recent weeks the Inspector-General of Taxation started formally consulting on issues to include in his new Work Program for 2012-13 and beyond. 

As members would be aware, the Inspector-General reviews systems and processes set up by the Tax Office to administer the tax and superannuation laws.  His recommendations are (more often than not) accepted and acted upon by the Tax Office and therefore they serve as a positive addition to the tax system.

Issues that may form part of the work program include:

  • the ATO's Risk Engine;
  • delayed income tax refunds;
  • the ATO's administration of penalties;
  • the ATO's use of client feedback questionnaires;
  • the ATO's Test Case Litigation Program;
  • use of data matching & third party information; and
  • ATO system upgrades.

We will soon be meeting with the Inspector-General to ensure that members concerns are fed into the development of the forward work program.  We are also drafting our written submission to the Inspector-General, so if there are any other issues that members would like raised please contact us at Tax Policy.

Kind regards
Robert Jeremenko CTA