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This week I was pleased to represent Tax Institute members at Federal Treasury’s Revenue Group stakeholder consultation meeting in Canberra. 

This regular consultation aims to engage the taxpaying community in a wider conversation about strategic tax policy issues. It supplements Treasury consultations on specific tax measures, with which the Tax Institute is actively involved. The meeting includes representatives from the tax and superannuation professions, business and community groups. 

We discussed a variety of issues at the meeting, including:

  • Tax White Paper process;
  • Status of announced tax measures: 

o Superannuation, personal tax;  
o Small business tax; 
o Corporate and international tax; 
o Legislation forward work program;

  • Progress of reviews:

o Financial System Inquiry; 
o Review of income streams; 
o Board of Tax Reviews; 
o House of Representatives Tax and Revenue Committee: Inquiry into tax disputes; and 

  • G20 Finance Minister’s meeting and BEPS.

I would be pleased to discuss any of the above in further detail; please be in touch via 

Kind regards

Robert Jeremenko CTA

Senior Tax Counsel