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03 Feb 1212 Preamble - Friday 3 February

This week we have seen both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition deliver major speeches to kick-off the Parliamentary year, which begins next week.  It won’t come as a surprise to learn that economic management was a key theme in their messaging.  This year the Tax Institute is continuing our discussions with all of the key Parliamentary stakeholders to ensure that the goal of a better tax system is not lost in the political crossfire over budget surpluses and the like.    

Of course, a key player in the future of our tax system is the Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, The Hon. Wayne Swan MP.  We are delighted to have secured the Treasurer as a keynote speaker at our upcoming National Convention in Canberra on 14-16 March 2012.  Please click here to register.  I encourage all members to be a part of this fantastic Convention program.

Please see below for details of other activities this week.
Kind regards
Robert Jeremenko FTIA