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09 Nov 2018 Regarding Member 360’s comment ‘ATO debt payment plans’

TaxVine 42 (2 November 2018) 

MEMBER 367 writes: 

I respond to Member 360’s interaction with the ATO regarding a payment plan. We have a client who approached the ATO to adjust his payment plan. Thought he could save himself some time and money by doing it himself. Kudos to him I say. The ATO advised that they could not adjust the plan because he had an outstanding 2005 income tax return. 

We thought we could gather the information for that year from the ATO as he was an employee only. The ATO cannot help as the prefilling is only available for years subsequent and a request to the ATO for any information that they may hold has garnered nothing but the 2003 and 2004 income tax returns. 

Not sure what else to do so we advised the client just to make the adjusted plan payments and wait for the ATO to be a little more assistive.


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