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MEMBER 271 writes: 

I use a particular brand of SMSF admin software to manage and lodge our superannuation funds and until the change to PLS, it’s been working fine. 

Upon my first lodgment with the new system, my returns were rejected. I couldn’t find the reason for the error so I contacted my software provider’s support team and was advised that the validation error was that ‘Access manager does not recognise the ABN associated with the AUSkey’. Their recommended action was to ‘Check that you are authorised to use the selected AUSkey. Contact your AUSkey Administrator or phone the AUSkey helpdesk on xxxx’. My software provider also said that I needed to check that the client I was lodging for was listed as mine on the portal. 

I had already done the pre-lodgment checks prior to the introduction of PLS. I am the agent, I have updated Access Manager and registered with the Cloud lodgment program and used that program’s cloud key. 

I did also double-check that l was listed as the registered tax agent for this client (which I still am –  obviously I had to be – in order to actually prepare the return and use the portal to obtain relevant supporting paperwork for both my work paper pack and the auditor). 

I am not however listed as their ‘ABN agent’ because this client lodges their BAS through a bookkeeper and the bookkeepers registration is tagged to that role. 

I have gone back to seek clarification as to whether this error in fact means that even though I am the registered tax agent, and the client’s Tax File Number is on my lodgment list and I am lodging a tax return that I now in fact also have to be the registered agent listed for the ABN role as well? 

This would create quite a problem with a number of clients who do use a bookkeeper as we will constantly be having to add them to our respective lodgment lists every lodgment and then confirm prior to lodgment that we are still the registered agent. Surely this is not how this is meant to work. Does anyone else have any feedback about this or have experienced the same issue? 


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