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16 Aug 2019 Relatives

MEMBER 208 writes: 

Dear Editor, 

Previously I have complained about receiving an SMS addressed to ‘Anthony’. 

Worryingly, another SMS arrived with a phone number and reference advising that the ATO has outsourced work to them. During the call, it became evident that I was speaking to an overseas service centre, where they seem to have different laws. 

It transpires that ‘Anthony’ is a relative, not seen nor heard of for many years. I was advised my details could only be deleted if he was not a relative. I am fairly certain that the ATO in Australia cannot hold me accountable for the actions of each and every one of my relatives. I had assumed the person was from another country with different culpability laws with regard to relatives. 

Well, ATO, it appears you do outsource to another country and will provide my contact details for all or any of my relatives and there is nothing I can do about it. I have zero interest in fighting the ATO on this matter – I have a tax practice to run.


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