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The Tax Institute is leading a key priority project assisting the ATO to “triage” the ATO’s published rulings and guidance and help ensure that the most useful and up-to-date guidance is available to tax advisers and taxpayers. This forms part of the ATO’s project to review its Public Advice and Guidance.

The first step in this process is to embark on a review of all the Taxation Rulings (excluding the ‘old series’ rulings and determinations) that the ATO has issued from 1992 to date. With the Tax Institute in the driving seat, this presents a great opportunity for Members to have direct input early into this review.

We require your expert assistance to tell us what are the priority Taxation Rulings (TR) that you rely on in your everyday practice that should be reviewed and brought up to date for recent changes in the law/industry practice.

The best way to help us out is if you could tell us the following:

  • TR Number
  • What your issue/concern is – eg are the legislative references in the TR out of date? Do the examples no longer apply? Is there are simpler/better way the ATO can provide guidance on the issue covered in the TR?
  • How important the TR is - eg frequency of which you refer to/rely on the TR, number of taxpayers impacted by the TR, amount of tax payable/saved affected by the TR, associated ‘red tape’ cost/saving associated with applying the TR.

If there are TRs that you rely on that you believe are ripe for renovation, please email through the details addressing the bullet points above to Tax Policy by Friday 13 February 2015.