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MEMBER 249 writes:

"The same old problem as in prior years but the ATO never changes 'the system'.

Warning letter received today 6 November 2013 from ATO – Overdue Tax Obligations – Joe Bloggs 2012 Tax Return is Overdue

Para 1 – reminds me that Agents need to lodge 85% by… etc etc

Para 2 - 'What we want you to do' – lodge the return OR if there is no requirement, use ELS to 'Update the client’s details'

Para 3 – 'What happens next' (the threat)  – if you don’t lodge, we will charge penalties, issue default assessments and/or audit the client 

I lodged a Client Update (CU) form via ELS at 9.43am on 3 August 2012 (15 months ago) saying from 2012 no further returns were necessary (80 year old)

– have a validation report – all accepted – no rejections.

What more can I do?"