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12 Jul 2019 SMS and email

MEMBER 175 writes: 

Hi Editor, 

I am receiving SMS and emails for clients long gone as with their personal detail. 

When the following email came addressed to ‘Clive’ advising, ‘Your ATO record has now been linked to myGov – Was this you?’ … ‘If this wasn’t you, phone us on 13 28 61, Option 5’. I did just that as ‘Clive’ left 15 years ago. The ATO officer needed either a TFN or date of birth before any action could be taken. There really is no point in phoning the ATO. If you are not ‘Clive’, nothing can be done. Catch 22! 

As a corollary, as my details are recorded with the ATO for most communication (that is why I am paid nicely), it really would be appreciated if the ATO could include, firstly, any name, but also a surname would be useful. Fortunately, ‘Clive’ is unusual but which client was the ATO referring to in the SMS about a Div 293 assessment? No clues were given. 

Lastly, an SMS for ‘Anthony’, who is to be referred to ‘The Probe Group’. A surname would have been useful, but I suspect he is a client whom I did my utmost to remove entirely, but who or what is ‘The Probe Group’? 

Importantly, although we are supposed to have SMS messages available in ‘Communications’ in the Portal, none of the above were displayed in ‘Communications’. 

If I am going to grizzle, let’s get it all done – regarding super contributions on Beta Portal. I sang praises of being able to view employer contributions from 1 July 2018. They have been deleted with the message, ‘We do not have any employer contribution information reported from the super fund’. The data was available up to 30 June and it was very useful. It is not that the ATO does not have employer data. It is that the ATO deleted it. For the ATO, I did leave feedback. It is now Friday 5 July, the same message is still there but for clients paid a salary since 1 July 2019, the message is only for contributions after 1 July 2019. I re-state, it would be really useful to have FY 2018 listed as well.


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