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MEMBER 283 writes:

"After having been away overseas for a few weeks and constantly reading TAXVINE to keep amused whilst I have been away, I feel that comment must now be made about the Members comments in [last] week’s TAXVINE -  see 2013 TAXVINE No 48 (13 December 2013).

The tone of the complaints is rising and agents are clearly getting more frustrated with the system..

Something is going to blow, I think, by 30 June 2014. So The Tax Institute might get themselves ready for a tsunami of complaints as the ATO increasingly gets more out of touch and gets us to do ALL the work.

Needless to say, and using the super contravention report example of Member 277, practitioners will both subvert the system (for example no contravention reports) and lodge and close down the fund.  On 85% lodgment requirement and other issues - agents are not stupid and not sheep as the ATO thinks they are. Agents do the work for the client. As the level of injustice and arbitrary treatment rises (or is perceived to rise) agents will work around the system.  For example, for 85%, expect to see a dramatic rise in deletions around 1 May 2014.

So where does it leave us? As agents, we feel alone and persecuted. Our professional bodies cannot protect us and the ATO raises further and further impediments to good practice and transparent treatment. Agents won't walk - they will play the system against the ATO. 

Further example: Electronic BASs ONLY. We will stop being a free mailbox. We'll transfer ALL of them to clients and let the clients sort it out and the ATO can chase the millions of outstanding BASs themselves. There is no real cohesive or 'Whole of Practice' List and I would be glad of not administering BASs each quarter - let the ATO do it.

Please keep up the good work and a Merry Christmas to the editor for his very hard work during the Year.

Thank you."

THE TAX INSTITUTE’S TAX COUNSEL, STEPHANIE CAREDES, COMMENTS: “The Tax Institute has worked tirelessly throughout 2013 to take all members’ concerns to the ATO to be addressed. We will, of course, continue our hard work on behalf of our members into the New Year and beyond.”

AND FROM THE (HARD WORKING) EDITOR  OF TAXVINE: “Thank you, Member 283 for your kind words. TAXVINE would like to thank you and everyone else who has contributed to and provided support for Member Feedback during 2013 - Season's greetings and a happy New Year from all of us at The Tax Institute. TAXVINE will resume in the New Year on Friday 31 January 2014.”