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The Taxation Institute published an opinion article in The Punch (an online debate and discussion forum) on Tuesday,10 August 2010 "Both the Coalition and Labor are bottling it on tax reform". Quotes from this article were reported in Crikey on 10 August 2010 "It's a numbers game". As discussed above, the Australian Financial Review published a letter to the editor from the Taxation Institute on Thursday, 12 August 2010 'Both parties avoid tackling tax reform'. With regard to the Coalition's tax statement, the Institute issued a media release on Thursday, 12 August: "Coalition tax plan shows positives but dodges much needed reforms". Our comments were reported in the Australian Financial Review on 13 August: 'All talk, no action until 2013' (page 10).

Taxation Institute State Manager for South Australia, Angelika Hislop, found herself in the audience of ABC TV’s Q&A program on Monday, 9 August 2010 and took the opportunity to ask Prime Minister Julia Gillard a question about tax reform: "Prime Minister, the Henry Tax Review was described by Treasurer Wayne Swan as 'a once in a generation opportunity to reform our tax system'. With only a small handful of the Henry recommendations being agreed to by the Government, when is the Labor Party going to commit to reforms that make the tax system fairer, more equitable and simpler?" - you can read the Prime Minister's answer or view the footage (30 minutes into the program) by clicking here.

Also, as discussed above, the Australian Financial Review on Thursday, 12 August 2010 reported the top tax issues in the election campaign as nominated by Taxation Institute members: "CPA's focus on tax, red tape" (page 16). As we reported in an earlier TaxVine, the ongoing uncertainty over the tax treatment of trusts has emerged as the top issue, with other issues including streamlining tax incentives for small business and reducing the number of state and local government taxes.

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