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MEMBER 129 writes:
“I have previously written regarding the chasing of ex-clients (Member 88). The ATO cannot get its database together for love nor money. After that letter of frustration, the good people at the Tax Institute telephoned asking if I would speak with the ATO direct on my issue. Certainly, be pleased to help and get the matter resolved, I said. A week or two later, I received a call from the ATO to discuss. The gentleman asked for all sorts of details, the only information I had was the taxpayer name. Seems he looked up his database, found the name STILL with my Agent number attached. He said he would deal with it. I thought that would be the end of the matter. But NO. Wednesday of this week I receive a D&B Debt Collection letter for the ex-client !!!

I feel like throwing the paperwork in the WPB file, but that may disadvantage the ex-client with an outstanding fee account, and an outstanding tax debt too.

I will return the mail to the ATO, again, marked ‘No Longer Client’ but will not hold my breath that someone will update the database accordingly.

How shambolic is the ATO? I want to be closer to retirement faster than I will achieve the exit door !!!!

In the words of the classic TV commercial – ‘Not Happy Jan.’”