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MEMBER 281 writes:

"2 cases that really got me stroppy.

An individual return that was lodged on 20 July 2010 was assessed on 13 August and finally had the Child Support Agency processing finished on 6 September (with an effective date of 24 August). But no sign of a refund being forthcoming as of 8 August, and according to the telephone operative nothing to indicate that it would be finalised, so she had to escalate it, to give them another 14 days to do anything. I had already rung them 14 days ago to get it escalated once - at least that got the CSA bit reconciled, I suppose.

A return that was lodged at the same time as two amendments. The Statement of Account shows that all three have been processed, but we get a cheque for only the first amendment. Does that mean there are two more cheques to come? And each one to be accompanied by two sheets of Statement of Account? What an unforgivable waste, not to mention our time.

Message to ANYONE at the ATO who gives a damn - your systems are NOT WORKING VERY WELL."

MEMBER 282 writes:

"I lodged a client's return for 2009 on 22 June 2010 and it took until 6 September for it to be processed. I started chasing it on 10 August because the client desperately needed her assessment notice to give to Centrelink as they would not even look at her application for help because they claimed she had not lodged her return for 2009. I rang every couple of days chasing the assessment notice and my complaint was "escalated" time and time again. I was always promised that someone would call me back but no one ever did until I finally received a phone call on Monday, 6 September, advising that the processing of the assessment was very close. I asked why I had never received a call back from any of the officers who were supposed to have called me and I was told that they were far too busy to return these calls.
The client still has not received her assessment notice (Thursday, 9 September 2020) but I suppose it is in the mail. Now, to add insult to injury, today I have received a letter from the ATO dated 7 September 2010 and headed Lodgment alert for clients' overdue documents. This letter advises me that if the clients do not lodge the outstanding documents then the ATO will take further action including imposing penalties. Now, guess who is on that list of overdue lodgements? My poor client who lodged her return on 22 June - now I suppose they will impose penalties for late lodgment! It definitely would not surprise me.
Also on this list is a client I have never dealt with, a company which lodged a CU form twelve months ago saying no further returns were necessary because it had ceased trading and three clients whose returns had been lodged and their refunds paid.

Isn't the ATO computer system just wonderful."

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